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Schedule on Left is UNAA Regionals qualifier. If not a member of UNAA please sign up for the mini ninja competition.

Individual Competition Format -

  • 1 course with 7 - 15 obstacles.

  • Top 3 male & female of each class will advance to UNAA Finals. 

  • There will be a maximum of 3 Fails per course. After 3 Fails, the athletes run is over. They many finish the course but will not receive a score for the remaining obstacles. Their time will end with last Obstacle Completed. Each Obstacle will be worth 1 point for full completion. For more difficult obstacles, each obstacle can be worth 2 points and have a halfway point, which must be clearly marked with a tape mark or other. Completion of halfway is worth 1 point.

  • Score is then determined by points gained, and time of full run. Points are the highest priority when determining final score with time being second priority. Most points, with fastest time wins. UNAA will no longer offer a RETRY. Finish or fail an obstacle and move on to the next.


Team Competition Format - 

  • 1 course with 6 - 10 obstacles.

  • Relay style where you tag team partner to complete rest of course. 

  • Ninja versus ninja style with two races going on side by side at the same time.

  • Double elimination bracket.

  • Divisions - 13 & under team , Amateur team, and Pro team